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Margaret Sbarra

Margaret Sbarra has been redesigning wellness at HealthyMealz for more than six years. With her Bachelor’s degree in Nutrition and Psychology, her Master’s degree in clinical dietetics, her records as a Holistic Specialist, her knowledge of Ayurveda practices, and her five-star culinary background, Margaret has become a world-renowned health and lifestyle expert.

As our practicing nutritionist, Margaret consults with clients to identify their deficiencies, dietary restrictions, and health complications. She plays a vital role in the success of our clients, guiding them towards a restoration of health and immunity, while also helping them achieve their weight loss goals. Not only does she personally meet with her “babies” (as she refers to her clients), she teaches and helps them understand the nutritional strategies she develops for them, and is available 24/7 for advice and consultation.

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Margaret Sbarra is our specialist in nutrition and psychology. She has worked with us for over six years and has helped clients like A-lister Dr. Juan Rivera to regain their health and energy. We’ve brought her in to personally train you for a lifestyle transformation.

Customer Reviews



Alison H

Using Healthy Mealz food service has changed my life! First, I have lost 25 pounds in a little over 3 months and feel better about myself! I have also learned to make better food choices when I’m away. I have never felt that I was alone in my endeavor, Maggie is always just a text or phone all away if I have questions or concerns. I know that she truly cares about my progress.

Not only is the food good for me, it tastes wonderful! I love it!

Andrea N

I have been enjoying my HEALTHY MEALZ food for almost 5 years. I was one of MAGGIES’S first patients. I suffered with stomach issues that caused me alot of stress.
Due to M’s patience & expertise, I am in great health, feeling really good.
I can totally depend on my meals being delivered always. I consider my meals being prepared by such knowledgeable & caring people to be one of my greatest blessings .

I would recommend this service to anyone who desires the best.

Mark H

Last September a dear friend of mine talked to me about Maggie. I was initially skeptical as I had worked with other nutritionists and countless diets and weight loss programs in the past… About a month later I noticed a remarkable transformation of my friend who was seeing Maggie. She looked like a different person. I decided to make an appointment with Maggie and it was one of the BEST things I have ever done for myself. Maggie is unlike any other nutritionist or anyone else I have ever met or worked with to confront my weight issue. I needed somebody to help me with a lifestyle change and to help me understand how to eat healthy and properly. She truly cares about her “babies”. She is passionate about helping people learn what to eat and how to eat. She is always there for you. The quality of the food that is provided on a 1-10 scale is a 15. It is fantastic. I look forward to my prepared meals every day. I am happy to say I have lost more than 30 pounds and went from a 36″ waist to a 32″ waist. People are now telling me “you are too skinny”.

I hope you will allow Maggie to help you transform yourself into a leaner and healthier you. I am glad I did.

Federico S

HealthyMealz is a life game changer !
Not only I lost 27 pounds in 11 weeks, I also feel better in every way.
No more headaches or feeling bloated, I have more energies and feel
more focused while working.
And the food is really rich in taste, I love it !!

Thank you HealthyMealz, thank you Maggie 🙂 

Vicente P

Healthy Mealz has been the best investment in my health I could have possibly made. Ever since I started my own, customized program I feel more energized, fitter and my feeling of well being has been significantly enhanced. I would encourage anybody looking to gain back their health to give it a try.

Way to go Maggie and team!!! 

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