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Meal Plan – Traditional

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From: $45.00 / day

Bulk purchase and Student/Veteran discounts (40% off the above price) are available. Contact us for more details. 

All of our meals are unprocessed and absolutely delicious. One receives 6 to 7 meal items per day (depends on your specific program). If you have no particular dietary restrictions, choose this traditional diet. This diet offers all of what is included and excluded from a vegetarian diet. Meat, for example, is used in our traditional meals, but we still place great importance on fruit and vegetables.

After purchasing the plan, you have 2 options before food is sent your way:
Option 1) Get a Free Consultation with our nutritionist for your goals and likes/dislikes of meals. Then, a a personalized survey with pre-selected meal items for you choose from will be sent to your text or email to start your plan.
Option 2) Ignore the consultation, send me the food right away with the pre-chosen meal selections survey. 

Does this all seem confusing? Or do you want this done asap? Call us at 305 780 2869 instead and we’ll get you set up in our program right away.


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7 Day Plan-$40/day**Best Option, 1 Day Plan-$45/day, 3 Days Plan-$45/day, 5 Days Plan-$45/day

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